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Contest 2017

We all depend on the land to live. What we do with the land – build on it, take resources from it, save it - affects the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink. The land affects where we live and how we live. Even though we walk on it every day, sometimes we forget it’s even there and can take the land for granted.

How do you connect with the land? Do you play on it? Make your living from it? Explore it? Just look at it? Share your connection to the land with us. We want to hear what you do on the land and how that makes your life better.

Take a few minutes to shoot a quick video – no more than 2:00 minutes – of how you connect with the land, and you could win $500, $1,000 or $2,000 – plus the chance to designate the land trust of your choice to receive $10,000!

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Check out the rules here.

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Top 10 Videos – Runners-up

Land is My Classroom
Submitted by
Sim Barrow
Northwest Arkansas Land Trust - AR
Land Is My Legacy
Submitted by
Connor deMayo
New Canaan - Connecticut
New Canaan Land Trust - CT
Land is my Sasquatch
Submitted by
Scott Rulander
Sandpoint - Idaho
Kaniksu Land Trust - ID
Land Is My Adventure
Submitted by
Grant Korte
Clear Lake Township Land Conservancy, Inc. - IN
Land is My Past, Present, & Future
Submitted by
J.P. Scott
Ozark Regional Land Trust - MO, AR
Land is My Connection
Submitted by
Ben Dodd
Edwards - Colorado
Eagle Valley Land Trust - CO
Land is My Legacy
Submitted by
Mike Dougherty
North Oakland Headwaters Land Conservancy, Inc. - MI
Land is my Everything
Submitted by
Riley Scott
Solana Beach - California
San Diego Habitat Conservancy - CA
Land Is My Teacher
Submitted by
James Astle
Hawaiian Islands Land Trust - HI
Land is My Digital Story
Submitted by
Leah Schwartz
Rochester - New York
Genesee Land Trust - NY

2017 Submissions

Land is My Love
Submitted by
Crystal Nichols
Southern Oregon Land Conservancy - OR
Land is My Adventure
Submitted by
Josh Posey
Athens Land Trust - GA
Submitted by
Caleb Garrett
Anza-Borrego Foundation - CA
Land is my solitude
Submitted by
Jamie Adkins
Coleman Falls - Virginia
Blue Ridge Land Conservancy - VA
How We Connect with TLC
Submitted by
Matthew Freeman
Avondale - Pennsylvania
The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County - PA
Land is my Creek
Submitted by
Evelina Knodel
Poughkeepsie - New York
Scenic Hudson, Inc. - NY
This Land is for Adventure
Submitted by
David Rule
Green River Valley Land Trust - WY
Land is my hope
Submitted by
Tanner Baisden
Boise - Idaho
Land Trust of the Treasure Valley - ID
The Land Is My Stage
Submitted by
Marissa Traver
Clarkston - Michigan
Land Conservancy of West Michigan - MI
Orange Fringed Orchid pollination Revives a state endagered species
Submitted by
Gus Nyberg
Wolcott - Indiana
NICHES Land Trust - IN
Land is my Home
Submitted by
Jordan Hauber
Lawrence - Kansas
Kansas Land Trust, Inc. - KS
Land Is My Playground
Submitted by
Karen Young
York - Maine
Great Works Regional Land Trust - ME